Monday, 29 April 2013

Road to Barrachois Wharf

Road to Barrachois Wharf, o/p, 20"x 24", Steven Rhude

"This is enjoyment. It's sort of hard to explain," he said, as he finished tagging his traps. "It's just one of those things, there's no extra pressure. It's just one of those things you feel natural doing. So you just go out and it falls together for me. As the old saying goes, it's what you make of it."   Dwayne Joudrie, Fisherman

From the Truro Daily News, April, 24th, 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Memorial - Road to Wedgeport

Road to Wedgeport, o/p, 20"x24", Steven Rhude

They know when the wrong wave hits them
Perdu, They're gone
They played their share of poker
they know the odds are long
La mer ne pardonne pas

James Keelaghan - Captain Torres

n. - obsolete, A soldier sent on an especially dangerous mission.

Missing 20 year old fisherman presumed drowned off the coast of Nova Scotia

After a 15 - hour exhaustive search officials say a 20 year old lobster fisherman who fell overboard off the coast of Nova Scotia is "missing and presumed drowned."

Lt. Cmdr. - Bruno Tremblay, a spokesperson for the Joint Rescue Co - ordination Centre said both a Cormorant Helicopter and a Hercules aircraft were sent to the scene along with two coast guard ships.

"The Hercules used more than 100 flares to make sure the searching area was illuminated at all times," he said.

Police said another 20 - 30 fishing boats joined the search overnight.

"Unfortunately at 9 o'clock this morning, the decision was made to stop the search for this individual  since the survival model was far exceeded," said Tremblay.

"It was sad, it's always a tough decision when we have to inform the family that we must stop the search." 

Tremblay said the weather conditions were clear, but it appears the man was not wearing survival gear when he went overboard.

Reported in the CBC News January 13th, 2013

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS  

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Road to Blockhouse

Road to Blockhouse, 12" x 24", o/p, Steven Rhude

Blockhouse - The residents advisory committee voted unanimously Monday evening against a construction and demolition processing facility for Blockhouse.

The vote came after a two - hour meeting in which not one of the roughly 250 residents packed into the firehall for a public meeting spoke in favour of Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd's proposal.

Protesters gathered outside the firehall an hour before the meeting began, waving signs saying Dump the Dump as they were cheered on by honks from passing cars.

From the Chronicle Herald, Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Boy on a Winter Road

Boy on a Winter Road (near Wolfville), o/p, 24" x 30", Steven Rhude

There is reason and purpose to always seeking something more about a place. Not just the factual qualities that come with a region and its history - although they're important too. But place through our friends and family, and how they can express something equally as deep through their moods and beliefs - their habits, experiences and superstitions.

This is the second portrait of a boy with a growing emphasis on his qualities of introspection that comes with being eleven years old, and living in rural Nova Scotia. Two more paintings of him with a pretext to the four seasons will complete the suite.

Steven Rhude, Wolfville

Saturday, 13 April 2013

End of Black Drung

End of Black Drung, o/p, 24" x 30", Steven Rhude

"How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!
As though to breath were life! Life piled on life."

Alfred Lord Tennyson - Ulysses[1]

Last summer I followed a narrow lane (Newfoundland - drung) in Petty Harbour, and upon reaching the very end of it, felt it scroll open to the sea. There I encountered two houses and a fish box; three boxes really. The rurality of the place conveyed a sense of restlessness to me; the fishermen like Ulysses, feeling uncomfortable with their circumstances.

 [1,] According to Dante, after Ulysses had returned home to Ithaca and had settled down to rule his island kingdom, he became restless and desired to set out on another voyage of exploration to the west. In old age he persuaded a band of his followers to accompany him on such a voyage.

For the Greeks, the idea of sailing beyond the sunset, was based on their understanding of cosmology - the earth being a flat circle, and the outer ocean a repository for descending stars. Perhaps our perception of place now is so defined by what is contemporary (something forever changing), that we neglect to see the unequaled law establishing itself, and the consequences of reward and punishment - the supremacy of GDP over social capital and the community.

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS      

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Boxed Out

Lobster Boxes, oil on canvas, 24" x 30", Steven Rhude

Walls of wood
by the coast,
really walls of community
really walls of a ghost.

Slivered panels
coloured three,
tourist colours
tuition free.

Look inside?
Don't you dare,
tread on my jokes
tread on my fare.

Tales of heroes
and tales of lore,
every body's box
contains so much more.

Down the shore,
been boxed about,
up the shore
they're boxed out.

Things are changing
times are grim,
can't be content
to remain boxed in.

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS