Friday, 31 October 2014

Following the Paint - part 2

"Painting is the representation of visible forms. The essence of realism is its negation of the ideal."
- Gustave Courbet

Stairway, Cape Spear, oil on canvas, 20" x 16", Steven Rhude

Study for Modernity, oil on copper, 6" x 9", Steven Rhude

Solo Buoy, oil on copper, 5 1/4" x 7 1/8", Steven Rhude

Three Buoys and Box, oil on copper, 4.5" x 6", Steven Rhude

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Following the paint - intermediate states.

"That's why I feel strongly about a lot of so called realism today which I think I've had a very bad influence on. They think it's the amount of detail and that really isn't it. Yes, a detail should be there and it should be carried far, but the picture's got to be bigger than that. Otherwise it doesn't hang together and it doesn't give you the force of the thing. It's got to be abstracted through your vision, your mind. It's a process of going through detail in order eventually to obtain simplification and cutting out...." - Andrew Wyeth

Oil on canvas, in progress

oil on etched copper plate, in progress

oil on etched copper plate, in progress

oil on etched copper plate, in progress

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Oil over Etched Copper Plate

Red, Yellow, Blue, oil on copper etching plate, 11" x 14", Steven Rhude

Bowling Alley, Avalon Peninsula, o/c etching plate, 11" x 14", Steven Rhude

Buoy with Blue Square, o/c etching plate, 9" x 6", Steven Rhude

I'm continuing to use up some old copper etching plates for oil paintings.

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Cathedral, o/p, 24" x 24", Steven Rhude

"These structures are beauty, they are our Eiffel Tower, our Statue of Liberty..our Leaning Tower of Pisa. They have stories which we need to see, hear and feel at this time when we need it the most."
                                                                                                                       Laura Kenney

“The past reminds us of timeless human truths and allows for the perpetuation of cultural traditions that can be nourishing; it contains examples of mistakes to avoid, preserves the memory of alternatives ways of doing things, and is the basis for self-understanding…”
                                                                                                                        Bettina Drew

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Between the Lighthouses

Between the Lighthouses, o/p, 24" x 24", Steven Rhude

Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society DOOMSDAY LIST

This is a partial list of Canadian lighthouses and lightstation buildings in danger of being lost through neglect and environmental conditions. 

*Please note that as of the end of May, 2010, ALL Canadian lighthouses, aside from those staffed by resident keepers, or those maintained by Parks Canada, municipalities, or community groups, are now on the Doomsday List because they were declared surplus by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. For details visit the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act page.  

Bear River, NS  Decommissioned wooden lighthouse

Cape North, NS  1981 wooden lighthouse (demolished in May 2010)

Cape Roseway, NS  Two dwellings and old fog alarm building

Country Island, NS  Keepers house (one house burned in 2005)

Cross Island, NS  Keepers houses, fog alarm building, garage, shed

Devils Island, NS  Wooden lighthouse and keeper's house

Fisherman's Harbour, NS  Wooden lighthouse

Fish Fluke Point, NB  Combined light and dwelling

French Point, NS  Wooden lighthouse

Gannet Rock, NB  1831 wooden tower and attached concrete keepers' house

Georges Island, NS  Keeper's house

Green Island, Richmond Co., NS  Keeper's house and old lighthouse (one house burned in 2005)

Guyon Island, NS  Keepers' houses

Ingonish Island, NS  Concrete lighthouse and keeper's house

Isaac's Harbour, NS  Combined dwelling/lighthouse

Keppel Island, NF  Lighthouse, keepers' houses, fog alarm building, boat house

Margaree Island, NS  Lighthouse and dwelling

Moshers Island, NS  Keepers' houses and small fog alarm building

Peases Island, NS  Keepers' duplex

Queensport (Rook Island), NS  Combined dwelling/lighthouse

Sambro Island, NS  Assistant keeper's dwelling, Gas House and fog alarm building

Seal Island, NS  Radio operator's house, barn

Southwest Point, Anticosti Island, QC

Saint Paul's Island, NS  Southwest lightkeeper's house, wireless operator's house at Atlantic Cove. Fog Alarm building at North East light.

Steven Rhude, Wolfville, NS